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My Mental Mates

Client: My Mental Mates.

My Role: Graphic Designer, Branding and Creative Lead.

Brief:  A New Podcast about all things mental health. 

The client wanted a logo that was friendly, transferable and eye catching. He liked the idea of the logo incorporating a brain and also the colour blue, to assemble the charity ‘Mind’.

It felt instinctive to come up with a mascot like character. Something that was fun, light heartened and adaptable. Since the first episode became live, we have started to create fun images that reflect the topic of each episode.

As the podcast built a community with regular listeners, the relationship between exercise and mental health developed into a running club. 

We adapted the logo, giving the characters running shoes. 

Subscribing to the club gets you a running vest and medals when completing challengers, with the proceeds going to charity.

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